Repair & Maintenance

Repairs Maintenance is another critical factor in our task as it not only keeps them in operational condition but lengthens its life. Thus, a plan of Integral Maintenance is critical to the correct operation of the installation, its proper performance, reliability and durability over time.
After-sales customer care and attention is important to Al Raha Doors Trading. We offer technical assistance services both on-line and on site, periodic scheduled maintenance and training.

We are at your side with pre-inspection testing, revamping and much more. Our focus is understanding our client’s real needs to adapt our assistance to meet the client’s objectives.

We Supply, Fixing and Repairs of Automatic and Manual Doors and Gates such as:

Automatic and Manual Rolling Shutters

Garage Doors

Automatic Sliding and Swing Gate Motors

Automatic and Manual Glass Doors

Automatic Traffic Barriers

Turntiles and Revolving Doors